YouTuber Leonhart shows off an amazing Pokemon-themed gaming PC

Pokemon fan and YouTuber Leonhart presents an incredible gaming PC that features several nods to the classic Nintendo and Game Freak franchise.

There have been countless unique creations made to celebrate the Pokemon universe since pokemon red and green originally released in Japan in 1996, and fans continue to celebrate the franchise today. Continuing the trend with a new gaming computer, a Pokemon fan known as YouTuber Leonhart showed off his amazing Pokemon-Themed gaming PC.

YouTube content creator Leonhart recently shared his impressive Pokemon-Twitter themed gaming PC, highlighting the original starters and a Pokemon trainer in a brief clip. Leonhart is a well known Pokemon YouTuber who has reached nearly 2 million subscribers by regularly creating Pokemon TCG booster openings, franchise-focused and rare shopping spree videos Pokemon merchandise showcases. Beyond official merchandising, Leonhart took his love for the Pokemon series from the background of his videos to join fellow YouTuber Austin Evans in creating an entirely unique PC inspired by classic Nintendo and Game Freak IP.


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Leonhart’s video showing their Pokemon-themed PC starts by focusing on the biggest computer figure that stands on the big Nvidia graphics card, a Pokemon coach. Above the figure’s shoulder is a fan with LED lights that form the pixelated version of the Pokemon coach as he endlessly runs towards the frame. Beneath the graphics card screen are the trio of starter Pokemon Kanto in plots that look like biomes in which they would live.

Charmander stands atop what looks like lava, with LEDs to highlight Fire-type Pokémon. Bulbasaur’s environment is less lit but feels much more alive as the Grass-type Pokemon is suitably surrounded by vegetation, with a large branch-like object separating it from the final biome. Squirtle stands by a small pond that has been carefully placed near the front of the Pokemon-themed PC and grass elements from the Bulbasaur area spread across the Water-type area in front of an RGB fan tower

Many Pokemon Fans watched Leonhart’s video to express their excitement for the imaginative nature of PC and celebrated the inclusion of the Gen 1 starter Pokemon. Leonhart teased others Pokemon fans in the comments about an upcoming studio tour video coming to his channel in the future, but it’s not yet clear when it will be uploaded.

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Robert P. Miller