You can now play Doom on a fingertip-sized portable gaming PC

Turning everyday devices into Doom gaming machines is something of a sport. We’ve already seen the FPS game work on everything from a digital camera screen to a restaurant ordering system, and it even works on holographic screens. Thanks to the developers at Adafruit, id Software’s classic is now playable on a gaming PC smaller than a credit card, provided you aren’t prone to hand cramps.

The Adafruit QT Py Doom playback device (codename PINKY) uses an ESP32 Pico v3 02 SoC at its base, with a dual 240 MHz Tensilica processor and 2 MB of PSRAM. The device meets the system requirements of the classic shooter by also using a 1.3-inch TFT screen and a bunch of tiny micro switches to boot.

The device uses Retro-Go port Preboom, a revised version of the original Doom Engine. While installing the game on unconventional devices usually requires a bit of tinkering, Adafruit claims the DOS shooter “practically worked” after simply loading the DOOM1.WAD shareware file from an SD card.

Adafruit suggests that the PINKY might be the smallest “playable” Doom device on the market, which sounds more like a challenge than a selling point. It should be noted that even though the game has made its way onto calculators and dinky Nintendo Game and Watch consoles in the past, we don’t recall seeing it running on anything that would likely fit in your wallet.

The PINKY is still in development, but Adafruit says it plans to reach out to Doom creators John Romero and John Carmack for their thoughts on the dinky device. Hitting tiny buttons to take down the denizens of hell won’t be for everyone, but playing a classic shooter on something so small is probably worth a try at least once in your life. .

Robert P. Miller