We’re raffling off a mini gaming PC with RTX 3070

We are raffling off a ZOTAC MAGNUS mini barebone with RTX 3070 worth 1700 euros. Here’s how to participate.

In cooperation with Zotac, we offer a new

MAGNUS EN173070C Barebone with Geforce RTX 3070 and Intel 8-Core Core i7-11800H

It is worth nearly 1,700 euros. Zotac packs solid gaming hardware into a box with a volume of just 2.65 liters and a size of 21 x 20 x 6.2 centimeters. This means that the mini PC is smaller than current game consoles from Microsoft and Sony and not only looks good in the living room. You can easily play QHD games on the computer, and of course also use it for creative work.

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A new:

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MAGNUS EN173070C Barebones

, which still needs to be individually equipped with working memory and data storage. Two DDR4 SODIMM and M.2 NVMe slots are available for this purpose. A 2.5 inch HDD or SSD can also be installed.

More information about the new MAGNUS EN173070C Barebone

A much smaller PC than current game consoles, but with an RTX 3060, 3070 or 3080. First you have to get it right. Apparently that’s no problem for Zotac, as the manufacturer has managed to pack NVIDIA’s RTX 30-series into its tried-and-true square mini PC case.

from the MAGNUS-EN series (more information here)

With a small volume (2.65 liters) and dimensions of only 21 x 20 centimeters in surface and 6.2 centimeters in height, the MAGNUS-EN mini PCs are ideal as a classroom computer or for small students. Depending on the desired performance and budget, you can choose between two models with the octa-core Intel Core i7-11800H in combination with the RTX 3070 or 3080 mobile. Alternatively, there’s an even cheaper model with the six-core i5. 11400H with the mobile RTX 3060.

All settings are suitable for smooth gameplay on high to very high settings.

On the RTX 3060 model
Full HD would be the ideal resolution for this,

on computer with RTX 3070
QHD and

in the box with RTX 3080
you can really let it break in 4K/UHD. Even creative work, from editing images and videos to calculating special effects, is no problem with computers.

Easy to connect and expandable

Incidentally, the MAGNUS-EN series are barebones that you can individually equip with RAM and data storage. Two DDR4 SODIMM slots up to 64 GB are available for RAM. If you don’t know what the term SODIMM means: these are the smallest RAM modules that are also used in laptops.

MAGNUS EN173070C Barebone: case opens without tools


MAGNUS EN173070C Barebone: case opens without tools

© Zotac

For data storage, you can install two M.2 NVMe SSDs, one with PCIe 4.0 and a 2.5-inch HDD or SSD. The housing can be easily opened without tools for installation, and all slots and inserts are directly accessible from below.

MAGNUS EN173070C Barebone: Front connections


MAGNUS EN173070C Barebone: Front connections

© Zotac

It is also very user-friendly that frequently needed connections are placed on the front. There we have USB 3.1, then USB-C with Thunderbolt 4 functionality, an SD card reader, and a microphone and headphone jack.

MAGNUS EN173070C Barebone: The rear connections


MAGNUS EN173070C Barebone: The rear connections

© Zotac

The back is even easier to connect. There’s room for four USB 3.1 peripherals, and directly above, as with a dedicated graphics card, there’s a total of 4 monitor outputs, two of which are HDMI 2.1 and two Displayport 1.4a, all of which can be used at the same time. . There are also two removable antennas for the built-in WIFI 6 and Bluetooth 5 module. Those who prefer to use cables can connect to two networks at the same time thanks to the two LAN ports, one with a maximum speed of one gigabit and the other with 2.5 gigabits. .

It goes without saying that with this equipment you are at the cutting edge of technology and ready for Windows 11. And you can tell that Zotac stands out for the quality of its products by the fact that there is a standard warranty of 3 years and that it is scalable up to 5 free after the years of registration can be extended.

Robert P. Miller