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Whether you are a digital marketing agency or an individual building a successful brand, social media marketing is one of the best tools in your arsenal. However, building a strong brand and following on platforms like Instagram can often take time.

However, if you manage multiple accounts, you can share and interact with content from your main account, which helps you grow your brand and keep up with you much faster. And it will bring up your content that the platform is looking for, which will cause your content to appear on more news feeds.

Managing multiple social media accounts is difficult as most social media platforms limit the number of accounts created from the same IP address. That is why you should use proxies to help you manage multiple Instagram accounts. If your target audience is located in another country, for example France, you can use a France proxy to bypass geographic restrictions and be seen by your audience.

Why do you need an Instagram proxy to manage multiple accounts?

There are several reasons why you might need a proxy to help you manage multiple accounts. The first, and most obvious, is that social media platforms only allow the creation of a few accounts per IP address. Once you have created multiple accounts, you may face an IP ban or have your accounts frozen.

Another reason why you might find a proxy useful is when trying to target a
audience in a particular location. If you are using a proxy with the location set in that country, for example, using France proxies, if your audience is French, it will give you more visibility and engagement with your French audience.

What kind of proxy do you need?

Before purchasing a proxy, it is important to know which proxy you need. There are many proxy providers that offer different types of proxies. As such, it’s crucial to understand what kind of proxy you need.

There are free proxies, but more often than not they will only give you trouble as they are often shared among many users and you have no idea of ​​the history of the assigned IP address. Using any of these could get you banned, or worse.

Data center proxies are also not recommended in this situation because they are not tied to IP addresses with a real ISP. Instagram often checks its logs to see the ISPs of accounts using the platform. Using data center proxies that do not have an ISP linked can also result in a ban.

If you want to create and manage multiple Instagram accounts, you will need a residential proxy, as their IP addresses are tied to real devices with ISPs. If you need to target a specific audience in another country, you can opt for a residential proxy in that country, such as France proxies. Alternatively, you can also use a social media proxy for the specific platform you want to use, like Instagram proxies.

How can you use proxies to manage multiple accounts?

Using proxies to run multiple Instagram accounts is extremely useful for marketing agencies. When you buy a proxy for the purpose of managing multiple Instagram accounts, you will be able to add four accounts per proxy. We do not recommend adding more; otherwise, you could be banned. Whether you choose a location-specific proxy such as France proxies, or an Instagram proxy, they all work the same generally.

Once you purchase the proxy from the provider, you will receive specific information such as protocol type, host, port, username, and connection. You run your proxy and log in with your Instagram accounts. Now you need to configure the proxy for these accounts. To do this, you will need to go to the proxy settings. There are generally two types of proxy to choose from. The general proxy option will change the general IP shared between all Instagram accounts, which is not ideal. You want to choose Account Proxy to set a unique IP address for each Instagram account. This is the surest way to avoid a ban. Select the account whose IP address you want to change and fill in the requested information. Now repeat this for each
Instagram account you want to add.

As you can see, the process of setting up a proxy to handle multiple Instagram accounts is pretty straightforward and can be done quickly. Once configured, you can manage your multiple accounts without worrying about being banned. Plus, if you feel up to it, you can add Instagram bots to further automate your interactions.

Considerations before choosing a proxy provider

When choosing proxies for Instagram account management, you should know that there are many options to choose. The cheapest isn’t always the best, so be sure to think carefully about your options. The quality of the proxy should be your first priority. You want to find a provider that offers a variety of proxy types such as data center proxies, residential proxies, social media proxies, and location specific proxies. We also recommend that you check the number of IP addresses available in their pool. Having a very small or limited pool could lead to problems down the line. Finally, always look at customer reviews to see what other customers have experienced while using this provider.

Final thoughts

Instagram marketing is one of the most influential platforms for connecting with your target audience and converting them into customers. If you are looking to manage multiple Instagrams
accounts, you will need a proxy to avoid getting banned. Do not be afraid ; proxies are easy to use and configure if you choose the right provider. Look for reputable providers
which also offer a variety of proxy types and have a large number of IP addresses.

Robert P. Miller