Top 5 Android NFT Games | NFT mobile games

Gaming has become a solidified industry in recent years. In the past, they were very popular but they were always listed among different industries and not the most popular. With NFTs added to the equation, NFT games are now the most popular gaming industry. This type of gaming industry is said to have overcome the challenges that have led gamers to raise various issues about it. The problem concerns the profits generated within the gaming platform and these profits are only shared between the developers and the companies and not the other way around. Thus, it gave birth to the concept of game to win mobile games.

What are Play To Earn mobile games?

NFT Play-to-Earn games are types of games that also generate profits for players and developers. These games are played on the go. This is done via cell phones. Over the past few years, Pubg, Call of Duty, and various other games were dominant forces in the mobile gaming industry. Now it’s time for the best NFT games to take the throne and solidify their name as the current gaming trend.

These play-to-earn mobile games deal with a wide range of game themes and metaverses. The most common gaming theme is RPG and battle-based games. These genres are most loved by the gaming audience and they are eager to experience even more new NFT games on Android mobile phones. The reason for this popularity lies in the innovative concept of NFTs represented as in-game collectibles. The NFTs of in-game assets are earned or purchased in the game’s metaverse and they are monetized by trading them in various secondary markets.

Best NFT Games for Android Mobiles

Sorare is a football-based NFT mobile game that is available on all Android smartphones. It is a card-based game that offers a wide range of footballer cards from different leagues, such as Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, and many more. These cards are categorized into Limited, Rare, Super Rare, and Unique. Purchasing these cards allows players to create their own dream team and win matches. The peculiarity of these cards is that the value of the card depends on the performance of the players on the field. So, this game is very exciting and interesting. Cards bought on the platform are represented as NFT and they are later or immediately traded for profit.

Gods Unchained is a strategy-based NFT game. It is one of the most popular games to win NFT mobile games in the mobile gaming world. This is a collectible card themed game that features a variety of cards including rare, epic, legendary, and legendary foil. Based on these rare cards, the outcome of each game level is determined. These trading cards are represented by NFTs. These NFT cards are purchased in-game using their native token called GODS. Additionally, these cards are traded on NFT markets.

Axie Infinity is one of the most popular Android-based NFT games in the gaming industry. This mobile game has over 2 million active players and is expected to grow to even more in the coming years. It is a complete battle-based NFT game that involves players fighting against each other for rewards. The main core of this game is the axes. These axies are creatures trained and used for combat. These axies are available as NFTs and the rewards are also displayed as NFTs. These NFTs of in-game assets are traded on secondary markets.

Cryptokitties is a very famous Android game. This game is more of a type of selling game where these kittens are bred and traded. These kitties are represented as NFTs. This play-to-earn android game is based on buying kitties. For players to start playing the game, a cat must be purchased and by breeding the cryptokitties, additional kittens are provided, and the higher the kittens, the more valuable the asset possesses. So, these cryptokitties are traded on various NFT marketplaces, and the most common NFT marketplace is which is the platform that trades NFTs like cryptokitties at a high volume rate.

Sandbox is the newest comer in Android NFT games. It is a metaverse-inspired NFT game that allows users to purchase plots of land, houses, and also initiate daily activities in a metaverse environment. The native token of the NFT game, $SAND, is used to buy the game assets and they are traded on various secondary platforms for profit.

Last thoughts,

It’s always beneficial and exciting to have everything on the road. With Android NFT play-to-earn games, the joy of earning profit on the go and with entertainment factor is very impressive and beneficial for gamers. So, now is the time to start earning profits by playing these games and trading them on various market platforms.

Robert P. Miller