Top 10 mobile games of November 2021

Top 10 mobile games of November 2021

November was the month at least is over. Many of the games on this list are incredibly simple conceptually, but are well executed, both in the graphics and in the gameplay. It was difficult to decide exactly in which order to put these decks as many of them are very equal to the decks directly above or below them. Gameplay is mainly used as a means of judgment. The games that reached the top were the most fun to play and the most engaging of all.

#ten. Wild shadow

Wild shadow is a horse racing game that uses magic as a means of attacking other players. Pick up attacks and use them against your opponents in a way very similar to how attacks work in Mario kart. The overall racing mechanics of this game are not super complex. There is no real-time multiplayer option. Rather, the game relies on a pre-recorded high score. However, the graphics are clean, consistent, and pleasing to the eye, making it quite a pleasant experience. It is exceptionally satisfying to move your horse around the track and watch it run. If you love horses and horse racing this would be a fun game to check out.

Wild shadow is available for free on iOS and Android systems.

# 9. Tales by Luminaria

This is the newest anime gacha / RPG game where 21 main characters have to fight animal monsters in order to stay alive in this world. The game takes its form in playable episodes where players fight their way through battles in order to hear the next part of the story. Running around the world, which has a lot of new things to see, while being told the story is quite an interesting experience, although each episode takes a while to download.

Tales of Luminaria is available for free on iOS and Android systems.

# 8. Petal crash

This is the mobile adaptation of the unique puzzle that has already been released on PC and consoles. The color scheme matched that of Gameboy puzzles from the early 90s perfectly. The gameplay is easy to understand, but can be very difficult to execute. The goal is to match blocks of color together. Each block touching the corresponding blocks is then pushed outwards. It is up to the player to match these blocks correctly in order to create chain matches. There are many different modes in the game, so it remains engaging to play. Petal crash could be your next new puzzle game.

Petal crash is available on iOS and Android devices for US $ 6.99.

# 7. Skip Jerboa

This is another simple, yet innovative game. It’s a platform jumper that’s incredibly difficult, but can be played with an extended hand. It takes minimal effort to play, but it’s still very difficult. The aesthetics of the game are not great as it is a pixel game that takes place on a gray background with white platforms and a white character. Some fun colors or any kind of change in art style would make this game much more appealing. However, the gameplay is very good. There are new additions and obstacles every few levels to keep the player engaged.

Skip Jerboa is available for free on iOS and Android devices.

# 6. FarmTown 3

The iconic game is back and better than ever. There is an additional variety of character customizations and animal choices. The gameplay is still very similar to the previous versions of this game. Grow animal feed and wood in order to develop your farm and collect more animals. Aesthetically speaking, this game is vibrant with lots of greens and yellows to uplift your mood. It’s calming and relaxing, just like any good celebrity pretend game should be.

FarmTown 3 is available for free on iOS and Android devices.

# 5. Monopoly Solitaire

Two classic, but somewhat independent, games are seamlessly combined to create the ultimate game that somehow seems to wipe out time. If you are a solitaire fan, definitely give this game a try. By combining these two games, each becomes twice as engaging. You really only play two games at a time, and when you stop one you can play the other. There is a bit of overlap in the gameplay, but it doesn’t take much. The graphics are simple, the music is simple, the gameplay is straightforward, but in a way the game is innovative and a lot of fun to play. This is a single player game, so it would be best to use it as a good way to pass the time on the go.

Monopoly Solitaire is available for free on iOS and Android devices.

# 4. Pikmin Bloom

This AR game is made by the same company that made Pokémon GO and much of the gameplay is very similar. The game really encourages its players to walk around and move around which is a nice feature and makes this game an activity that can be shared or even become a new experience. There isn’t much of a multiplayer aspect to the game, and there isn’t much to do with his Pikmin once they’re picked up. However, it’s always exciting to watch them grow up and give them their favorite snacks.

Pikmin Bloom is available for free on iOS and Android devices.

# 3. Rob Riches

A thought-provoking puzzle adventure game that is extremely rewarding once the puzzle is solved. Reminiscent of an Indiana Jones aesthetic, but with a smaller, minimalist art style. It’s a game that absorbs its players and keeps them absorbed. Just when you’re done celebrating the completion of a puzzle, the game brings you the next one in a loop of new and interesting and a mix of easy and really challenging. This game is seamless and well worth the money.

Rob Riches is available on iOS and Android devices for US $ 3.99.

# 2. Sparklite

This is an open world action adventure RPG that uses hack and slash gameplay to attack monsters and earn sparklite, the in-game currency. There is a lot going on in this game. C is an exploration game that performs very well on mobile, which is quite rare. The world is also interesting with some weird new plants, NPCs to talk to, and small hidden items that can contain bonuses if you tap them. The game offers full controller support, so if the touchscreen controls don’t quite cut it off, you can change that. The art style uses 2D pixels and a really efficient use of color and vividness. The game has nice progression possibilities if you use Sparklite to upgrade your weapons and your health bar to become more powerful.

Sparklite is available on iOS and Android devices for US $ 6.99.

# 1. Lego Star Wars: The Castaways

It’s the big Apple Arcades game of the month, and it didn’t disappoint. Aesthetically speaking, the developers made this RPG in the open world a success. The world of Lego Star Wars: The Castaways feels spacious, modern and fun at the same time. There is so much to do in this game, from re-enacting scenes from the Star Wars franchise and completing quests, running with other players, and catching a friend to complete the quests. . The only downside is the lack of chat capability in a game that relies so heavily on its multiplayer aspect, but it’s understandable why the developers chose this as Apple Arcade games are often more popular with younger gamers. If you are a fan of the Star Wars franchise then this is definitely a game that you will want to try out.

LEGO Star Wars: Castaways is available on iOS devices through Apple Arcade.


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