This Skytech gaming PC just hit a record price at Amazon

At an all-time high, the Skytech Shadow 3.0 RTX 3060 Ti desktop is one of the best gaming PC deals right now. Amazon has this setup for $1,299.99 (instead of $1,599.99) (opens in a new tab), for a full $300 off. This setup has already hovered around the $1,300 mark, but this is the first time we’ve seen it dip below that level. It wasn’t until August that it quite stoically stuck to its full price of $1,599.99.

There are other gaming PC deals around this kind of price that include a standard RTX 3060 but not the Ti variety. In addition, the gaming PC has 16 GB of RAM, allowing it to cope with all your plans, from multitasking to simply increasing the level of detail in Elden Ring.

The Skytech Shadow is also super sleek with a window letting you see the innards as well as RGB lighting for that gamer aesthetic that everyone loves. For $1,299.99, it’s pretty good value for money thanks to a well-balanced setup and delivering the RTX 3060 Ti above the competition. Will it go lower? We can’t see that happening any longer. Potentially around sell-off events later this year, but for now $1,299.99 is a good price that’s more likely to come back up soon enough.

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Robert P. Miller