This RTX 3060-powered gaming PC is just $699 for Prime Day

Walmart responds to Amazon Prime Day gaming PC deals with this dangerously tempting deal for an HP Pavilion PC with an RTX 3060 for a mere $699 (was $899.99) (opens in a new tab).

If you’re looking around the 3060 and 3050 range – the lower end of the 30-series spectrum – but want something a little more portable, Amazon has an RTX 3050-powered gaming laptop, and it’s available for the same price: $699 (was $999) (opens in a new tab) – a huge savings of $300.

If you’re looking for gaming PC and laptop deals, you’ll know that new 30 series graphics cards are highly sought after and often more expensive than they should be due to this high demand situation and low supply. That’s why finding Prime Day gaming PC deals like these is especially noteworthy. You get brand-new, high-demand gear for a few hundred bucks – and you swipe it right before Prime Day ends. It’s satisfying.

Here are all the details on these deals and keep scrolling for other great Prime Day gaming deals.

Prime Day gaming PC deals

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If that doesn’t catch your eye, maybe these cheap gaming PCs still available for Prime Day will be.

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