This Nvidia RTX gaming PC with a Star Trek display is a sci-fi dream

A modder has created a Star Trek-inspired gaming PC performance monitor, and it looks like an otherworldly Nvidia RTX 3080 rig. The custom case display is inspired by a familiar prop from the iconic show, but its aesthetic will appeal to Trekkies and sci-fi fans alike.

Created by YouTuber Mangy dogthe Star Trek gaming PC performance monitor lives in a dynamic Lian Li O11 mini case, accompanied by an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 graphics card and an AMD Ryzen 5900 X gaming processor (via Hackaday) Dubbed “The Mainframe Compute Observator,” the striking screen displays useful hardware information, such as CPU temperature, power, and fan speeds.

By uploading a free 3D model of the case, the creator was able to customize the mounting and fit of the stats screen, making it look like a natural feature. The idea for the display is based on another custom Star Trek project, as Mangy_Dog says it’s derived from a previous one Tricorder recreation.

The display itself is a generic five-inch TFT display, but the real magic is provided by Mangy_Dog’s custom Arduino graphics driver. The creator dives into the process behind the board layout and code, and if you like smart but complex PCB design, you’ll want to check out how it all works.

The custom screen screams Star Trek, but it also looks like something you’d find wanting around the Nostromo. Nerdy Alien references aside, the subtle, futuristic vibe of this hardware performance monitor is truly unique, and it’s a testament to how creative modders are in the gaming PC space.

It’s worth noting that this project is quite advanced, so if you fancy trying it out, you might need to take a lot of notes. That said, it’s also possible to turn an old laptop screen into a case screen, so you might want to consider starting there before going where no casual gamer has gone before.

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Robert P. Miller