The top mobile games in 2022 – Entertainment Focus

Along with the rise of on-demand music streaming services and the variety of apps people can download on a modern smartphone, mobile gaming is booming in 2022. In fact, the overall gaming landscape is largely shaped by the success of certain mobile versions. . If the smallest screen will never be enough for some, others discover the pleasures of gaming on smartphones on a daily basis.

One of the main reasons for the success of mobile gaming has been the vastly improved games that people can draw from, as well as the obvious convenience factor of smartphone gaming that allows people to easily launch a game when it suits them. . Gaming has never looked so good as it does today either, with smartphone users being able to access options from Google Play and the App Store. Puzzle games, brain-training titles, and casino releases, such as the Fluffy Favorites slot, are also in high demand as people dive into the full selection of gaming options available. Simply put, mobile gamers have never been better.

But what are the titles everyone is talking about in 2022 so far? Let’s take a look at a few of them below.

Raid: Legends of Shadow

An iconic online gacha RPG, ‘Raid: Shadow Legends’ is a game worth playing from this divisive gaming subgenre. While these types of titles aren’t for everyone, there’s no denying how impressive “Raid: Shadow Legends” is, especially on a smartphone. Offering immense 3D graphics and visuals that many mobile titles struggle to achieve, this all-action creation is well worth sampling.


Although ‘PUBG Mobile’ is not exactly new in 2022, it is impossible to ignore. When evaluating the Battle Royale genre, “PUBG Mobile” is easily the best option on mobile. This opinion is backed by a massive fanbase who love playing the game, with “PUBG Mobile” reaching 511.6 million monthly active players on average and 42.6 million daily active players. While debate continues over whether or not it lives up to the PC version of the game, there’s no doubting how awesome it is to host such a detailed version on a miniature mobile device.

Rush Royale

If you like weird tower defense game, then “Rush Royale” might be for you. As players build a small army of wizards and warriors in order to fend off fearsome foes, the battles in this particular version are immense. Along the way there are things to unlock and strategies to hone and overall it’s a brilliant game. In terms of growing your own unbeatable team, ‘Rush Royale’ is a joy to play. However, the further you progress, the more difficult it becomes.

Credit: Codemasters

Autosport grid

If you need an arcade racing game for your smartphone, look no further than “Grid Autosport”. Widely regarded as the best racing game you can access on a mobile phone in 2022, this classic console racer has jumped beautifully onto mobile and offers smartphone users a fast-paced racing-based triumph that will keep you entertained for hours. end.

clash royale

One of the most popular games on mobile right now, ‘Clash Royale’ combines card battle strategy gameplay with MOBA-based raiding that sets it apart from so many other titles. Once you’ve assembled your dream line-up, you can make the most of the gorgeous visuals and seriously challenging matches in this chaotic gem.

Other options include “Clash of Clans”, “Pokémon Go”, “Roblox”, and “Among Us”.

Robert P. Miller