The 20 most downloaded mobile games in Australia

Australians, like the rest of the world, are obsessed with Wordle, according to Sensor Tower, a mobile app market intelligence firm.

Eugene Du Plessis, Regional Director of Sensor Tower, said: “Global mobile games revenues surged at the start of the pandemic, recording their strongest year-over-year growth in early 2020.

“Role-playing games (RPGs) continue to be the most important genre and this has provided enormous potential for marketers, allowing them to gamify their brand experience with a captive audience in an ever-competitive screen media landscape. .

“More recently, 6 guess games spurred by the ‘wordle-mania’ that has taken Australia by storm has allowed game developers to jump on consumer fascination with the genre, showing that it is not you don’t have to reinvent the game wheel to be successful, we’ve even seen fake Wordle apps rise to the top of the download charts.

“Tougher times could be ahead, however, with mobile games revenue falling year-over-year for the first time in history earlier this year.

“We’re also starting to see a strong synergy between removing ads and monetizing subscriptions, making it harder for marketers to reach their target audience.

“Despite this, the mobile gaming industry still offers rich opportunities for advertisers. The esports category will be particularly one to watch in Australia this year with revenues set to soar.”

Top 20 most downloaded mobile games on the Australian App Store and Google Play:

1- Subway Surfers
2- Big man run
3- Wordle!
4- Fill the Fridge
5- Delivery in 3D
7- Pile of gems
9- 3D parking traffic jam
10- Woodoku
11- Count the masters
12- Coin mechanism
13- Dislyt
14- Bridge race
15- Race Master 3D
16- Evolution of the crowd!
17- The Candy Crush saga
18- 8 ball billiards
19- Wordscapes
20 dream wedding

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Robert P. Miller