ten of the most popular mobile games of the last ten years

Provides a list of the ten most popular mobile games of the last decade. Mobile gaming is only a small part of the video game industry, which is by far the largest entertainment industry on the planet. Activision Blizzard, producer of the hit Call of Duty franchise, was sold for $68.7 billion in January 2022. Mobile games, in particular, are often “free”, meaning they can be downloaded and played for free. These games rely on a small number of superusers who pay real money to recharge life, draw uncommon characters, and other things.

Clash of Clans is a strategy game released in 2012 for iOS and for Android in 2013. The game, which has received frequent updates since its debut, is free to play but with a difficulty curve that pushes players to buy currency of the game. called gems. In the game, players build fantasy-style villages which they oversee and operate to battle other players’ villages. Two other in-game currencies, gold and elixirs, are also used to build village upgrades and form groups of troops used in battles. Players can also fight goblin villages of non-player characters on their own in order to gain resources.

Smartlook has compiled a list of 10 games that have dominated the mobile gaming world over the past decade using data on the highest global download peaks. Candy Crush Saga – which seems to have been around forever, or at least since the advent of Facebook – actually saw its release in 2012. Match-three games, in particular, rushed to stay ahead of the game. their experienced users, adding levels at a breakneck pace. rhythm and develop new features and forms of play to attract users. And thanks to quarantines and shutdowns imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, games like Gardenscapes have surpassed 10 million daily active players, showing how these popular games help people stay grounded or just pass the time.

Monster Strike is a Japanese mobile role-playing game released for iOS and Android in 2013. The game combines many gameplay genres and has gained a lasting player base over the past nine years. At its core, Monster Strike has certain elements in common with Pokémon as players care for and evolve monsters in order to use them in battles. There is one key difference though, as Monster Strike battles take place on a field using pointing and throwing physics similar to a pool game. The game has seen continued success over the past decade, especially in Japan.

Puzzle & Dragons is a combination match-three and fighting game released in 2012. In a format recognizable to those who play many similar games, players match colored gems in order to attack using the same creature of colorful attack in the player’s team. Players use Magic Stones, Friend Points, and Monster Points to pay for various game tasks, and use resources to merge monsters to form more powerful hybrid monsters. Additionally, difficulty levels, like “normal” and “technical”, can be adjusted as players progress in their skills.

Arena of Valor was originally a Chinese game but was adapted worldwide in 2016. There’s even a Nintendo Switch version, although the game was still made for mobile. Arena of Valor is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game, in which the gameplay resembles a capture the flag game. Players meet in equal teams of 3v3, 5v5 and many more modes, including 10v10 “chaos mode”. There are over 100 possible heroes to play, covering all multiplayer categories common as chariots and mages.

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