Tapjoy Finds 77% of Gen Xers Play Mobile Games Daily | Pocket Gamer.biz

Tapjoy’s latest report, Modern Mobile Gamer 2021: Gen X Edition, showed that Gen X is as active as Gen Z on mobile phones.

The report comes after an analysis of 1,850 Gen X participants in the United States between February 2021 and September 2021.

The favorite mobile activity of Gen X is gaming 81% of the time, with 77% of respondents playing mobile games on a daily basis.

The generation’s preferred form of mobile games are those that can be played in short bursts, especially Match-3. Additionally, 66% of participants said they spent more time on mobile devices this year compared to 2020.

Catch up with the kids

Tapjoy says Gen X is less concerned with corporate values ​​than Gen Z and has a lower unemployment rate than Gen Y. As a result of this and “higher than average household incomes” , Generation X has vast purchasing power.

Gen X’s favorite ads are fun, succinct, and rewarding, with almost 40% of them filling out rewarded ad offers on a daily basis. They are also encouraged to download new games through these award winning ads.

“This generation has seen it all: the rise of MTV and cable television, the technology and video game boom of the ’80s, the widespread adoption of the Internet in the’ 90s, and much more,” said Lauren Baca, senior director of marketing at Tapjoy.

“It’s true that most haven’t used smartphones until they’re 20 or 30, but they’ve definitely caught up with their younger peers when it comes to mobile use. Because they are very active mobile gamers and buyers with secure income. Coming from well-established careers, they are the ideal audience for both mobile advertisers and publishers. “

You can view and download the full report here.

Recently, Tapjoy published a report on its analysis of the mobile habits of Millennials, finding that 64% had increased the time spent on mobile games in the past year.

Robert P. Miller