Sensor Tower: Mobile Games Make Up Nearly 20% of All Metaverse Apps | Pocket

According to Sensor Tower, mobile games make up 19% of all apps that reference the metaverse.

To date, 552 apps contain the word “metaverse” in their description or title, of which 107 are mobile games. The second and third most likely apps to include the phrase in the title or description are finance and social apps, respectively.

Between November 2021 and January 2022, 86 apps added the term “metaverse” to their titles on the App Store and Google Play. Additionally, 23% of all these apps also include the term “crypto”, highlighting the growing connection between metaverse projects and the possibility of earning in apps and games.

The second most associated term with the metaverse is “NFT”, which appears in 18% of all apps.

Sensor Tower noted that following Meta (formerly Facebook) announcing that it would be doubling its metaverse operations, the number of apps that updated their descriptions or titles increased by 66%.

The connection between mobile games and the metaverse has continued to grow throughout the past year, with many companies, including Niantic and Netmarble, focusing on entering the metaverse space.

Many smaller companies are also entering the market to specifically adapt to these relatively new trends. For example, in December, Singapore-based mobile game startup Affyn announced that it had raised $7 million to create a free-to-play augmented reality metaverse game, play to win, ticking all the boxes.

Recently, game analytics firm Newzoo predicted that fashion brands will be the “first winners” of the metaverse, as brands can grow their audience while preserving the value of their real-world products.

Robert P. Miller