Riot’s PC and mobile games added to Xbox Game Pass

An unexpected announcement was made during the Showcase of Xbox and Bethesda games. Game Pass, which is adding more and more games from studios to its library, has partnered with Riot Games, and all of the company’s games will be available. The Riot and Xbox come together to bring remarkable titles to members.

Riot Games and Xbox have announced that Riot’s most important titles will be coming to Game Pass. Two of the biggest gaming communities come together on one platform. For the first time in Game Pass, the partnership extends beyond PC games to include mobile-only and mobile-accessible titles.

All Riot games are coming to Game Pass with special offers

During the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase, the Xbox Game Pass team announced that Riot Games titles will be coming to the subscription platform. The Riot Games games on the store are free to play but will offer some perks for Xbox Game Pass members and those looking to get into games like League Of Legends or Valorant.

League Of Legends (PC) and Wild Rift (mobile) will have the full set of champions unlockable with Xbox Game Pass. We will also be able to unlock all agents in the game as long as our subscription is active. In other words, thanks to the Game Pass partnership, you can now access League Of Legends champions from Game Pass.

Additionally, Game Pass subscribers will have access to a rotation of Tier One Little Legend avatars. Finally, the Legends of Runeterra card game from Riot Games also offers us the Starter Set for mobile and PC players.

Here is the list of Riot games coming to the subscription platform:

  • League of Legends (PC)
  • League of Legends: Savage Rift (Mobile)
  • Legends of Runeterra (PC and Mobile)
  • Teamfight Tactics (PC & Mobile)
  • Valorant (PC)

It seems very interesting that Xbox is partnering with companies offering free games, giving a new reason to subscribe to Game Pass.

Robert P. Miller