Pre-built MSI Gaming PC with Arc A380 6GB GPU Appears in Online Retail Listing

MSI has released specs for its upcoming desktop gaming machine, which is based on the Intel Alder Lake chipset and features Arc graphics. The ad was posted on JD Platform, a popular Chinese e-commerce platform. Intel previously said Intel Arc would only be offered through local OEM partners in China. The Intel Arc desktop GPU is listed for the first time.

Even though it’s billed as a pre-order, there’s currently no pricing or shipping information available. For the first time, the company confirms the specifications of each PC system, as well as the RAM configuration of the Arc A380 graphics card.

According to MSI, this graphics card will contain 6 GB of GDDR6 memory. This means that desktop machines with the Alchemist GPU will take advantage of the full 96-bit memory bus, but mobile devices (limited to 4GB/64-bit) will not. An ACM-G11 GPU with eight Xe-Cores is expected to be included in the Arc A380.

The company does not disclose the manufacturer of the graphics card, however, based on previous rumors, it is most likely an MSI card.

In fact, this device is labeled “OC”, which means it’s pre-overclocked from the factory (or, in this case, straight out of the chassis). From a Core i3-12100F processor to an i7-12700KF processor, the desktop PC comes in a range of configurations. They only have in common the Arc A380 6 GB graphics card and a low power supply (550W or 650W).


MSI revealed some basic data on graphics card performance in 1080p esports games, ranging from 85 to 200 frames per second depending on the game.

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