Pre-built Corsair One i300 gaming PC brings Intel’s Alder Lake

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Corsair’s Series One has always been the other way around for most brands, giving gamers a load of power inside a tiny chassis. While it might not be the most affordable way to play games, they are brilliant at what they do. The Corsair One prebuilt gaming PCs have received an update lately, with the i300 model now featuring Intel’s Alder Lake processors.

The Corsair One i300, based on the brand’s famous 12-liter case, can not only house an i9-12900K processor but also 64 GB of DDR5 RAM, and can be equipped with the RTX 3080 Ti graphics card.

When presented at CES 2022, the Corsair One i300 certainly turned a few heads, after all, who doesn’t love a small PC. You have to say hats off to Corsair for packing so much power into a case of this size. Now you’re probably thinking this machine has to run hot, it has to. Well, yes, but that’s no reason not to go. That being said, you could save hundreds of dollars if you just built your own system.

Reviews have been pretty generous for what is essentially an overpriced PC. No disrespect to Corsair, this is a PC I would love to have but the price is as extortionate as the specs. You also have to consider that it’s not very scalable compared to a traditional desktop, but those are the tradeoffs for an SFF PC of this magnitude.

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So what do the critics think?

They are mostly positive, however, everyone understood the price. The price cannot be ignored. On the other hand, everyone marveled at the engineering and sheer power in a small chassis, it’s wonderful.

PCMag, Techradar and Tomshardware all gave the Corsair One 4/5.

If you look at the Corsair One objectively it doesn’t make much sense, however, for those where convenience is more important than money and those who like fabulous miniature size, it’s a pretty neat gaming system.

Robert P. Miller