Pokemon fan gives Gengar-themed gaming PC a makeover

Since its inception in the 1990s, the popularity of Pokemon has grown significantly, becoming the highest-grossing media franchise in the world. Part of the series’ success is due to the many Pokemon fans love, like the Ghost/Poison-type known as Gengar. Recently, a fan decided to build a gaming PC themed around this iconic pocket monster from the Pokemon series.

Taking to Reddit, a user known as Lt-Tbone0728 shared a video of a custom gaming rig he recently completed. According to the Reddit user, they wanted to give their PC gaming setup a Gengar-inspired look. Based on the brief video shared by the creator, they managed to do just that.


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While the Gengar-themed PC clip was only five seconds long, it was long enough to show off the many aspects of the custom design. For starters, the side of the PC case featured an image of Gengar that the Reddit user created using stencil and paint. As Lt-Tbone0728 scanned the camera, the interior of the game case was seen. Impressive, the Pokemon The theme continued inside the PC. For example, the Reddit user chose to give the lighting a purple tint, which was fitting for the pocket monster. Additionally, the AIO cooler had an image of the Ghost/Poison type Pokemon on the front.

Along with showing off the build in an image, the Reddit user revealed the Gengar-themed PC specs in the comments, and the list was pretty impressive. Among the highlights, Lt-Tbone0728 had included a Zotac Trinity 3080 12GB GPU. Moreover, it featured an i7-12700k processor and 32GB of HyperX Fury DDR4-3200 RAM. According to the creator, one of the reasons they built the gaming PC was because they wanted to play Pokemon TCG online.

Since posting this custom Gengar-themed PC on Reddit, it’s caught the attention of a number of Pokemon Fans. Among the comments, many praised the look of the gaming rig. “WOOOOOO looks amazing and so clean!” a user commented on Reddit. Additionally, another player liked the awesome image of Gengar that was seen on the side of the AIO cooler for presumably the CPU.

Interestingly, this isn’t the only custom game system with a Gengar theme. Other talented fans on the Pokemon subreddit has shared their own creations with the Ghost/Poison type pocket monster. For example, one game recently showed off a Gengar-themed Game Boy Macro XL they made. Given the popularity of this Pokémon, it will likely continue to see many more custom game builds in the days to come.

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Robert P. Miller