PlayStation acquires another mobile developer to make ‘AAA mobile games’

Sony has bought another game studio, and this time it’s mobile game studio Savage Game Studios.

Sony’s latest acquisition for PlayStation focuses solely on mobile games. SIE has just acquired Savage Game Studios, a company based in Berlin, Germany and Helsinki, Finland. PlayStation Worldwide Studios president Herman Hulst says Savage is working on a “Unannounced AAA Live Service Action Mobile Game”. Michail Katkoff, CEO of Savage Games, is the founder of Pleasure Deconstructora well-known resource that reviews the activity of free games.

Savage Game Studios raised $4.4 million in seed funding in 2021 for a competitive shooter. It’s possible that Savage will adapt his idea for this shooter around a PlayStation IP, possibly a free-to-play Killzone game.

“All shooters, since the start of the battle royale boom in 2018, have focused on fast-paced, competitive gameplay. We see this as an opening for games that offer the ability to play with others and have rewarding sessions without the high pressure of the “vs player” environment, Savage co-founder and CEO Michail Katkoff said in the seed funding announcement.

“We create action games with epic stories to foster lasting connections with gamers around the world,” Savage’s website reads. This is a smaller-scale studio that aims for a “a close-knit and compact team with excellent chemistry” in its two European branches.

Hulst also claims that mobile games will be “additive” to the PlayStation ecosystem, but the emphasis on Savage’s project being a AAA game indicates a higher level of quality and finish. Ubisoft has also used the term AAA for its mobile gamesdescribing its new title The Division Resurgence as a shoot-and-loot AAA action game.

Hulst continues to promote the unannounced mobile game: “Michail and his team are already working on something awesome.”

Robert P. Miller