NVIDIA Offers Matrix Resurrections GeForce RTX Gaming PC

NVIDIA has partnered with Warner Bros. Pictures on something really beautiful: one-of-a-kind custom gaming PCs that are available, featuring the very latest GeForce RTX GPUs and Matrix-themed versions.


Modified PCs come fully water-cooled and customized, overclocked, and ready to give the red pill to any game you throw in. The Matrix Resurrections debuts in US theaters and on HBO Max on December 22, and is the main reason NVIDIA and WB have teamed up for this massive giveaway.

Don’t worry, because if you don’t win one of the Matrix-themed Custom Gaming PCs, NVIDIA is giving away 5 extremely rare custom The Matrix Resurrections GPU backplates which can be attached to NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 3080 Ti. – or alternatively, you could have them sitting on your shelf (that’s what I would).

You can enter to win a Custom Matrix Resurrections GeForce RTX Gaming PC or Custom RTX 3080 Ti backplate right here on the NVIDIA website.

As for the giveaway, it runs December 14-22 while on NVIDIA’s own social channels they’ll showcase the unique versions and custom backplates of The Matrix Resurrections GPU.

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Digital Storm Backup Operator

NVIDIA Offers Matrix Resurrections GeForce RTX 03 Gaming PC |  TweakTown.com

Stefan Ulrich is a full time German artist currently living in Michigan. Under the name RandomDesign, he has specialized in case mods and accessory manufacturing since 2014. For him, case modding has become more than a hobby, it’s his passion and his way. to bring something fantastic to everyday life.

For this project, Stefan was associated with Digital Storm. Together, they wanted to create a PC that looked lived in and had experience in the Matrix universe, as if the Morpheus team themselves had found an abandoned Digital Storm Aventum and modified it with all the stuff. needed to stream in Matrix.

NZXT Nebuchadnezzar

NVIDIA Offers Matrix Resurrections GeForce RTX 04 Gaming PC |  TweakTown.com

Dave Cathey or Insolent Gnome has been tearing things up since 2014 and has several modding contest podiums to his name. By day, he runs a fiberglass repair business in the Midwest and uses his knowledge to combine old-fashioned modding techniques and new composites into unique constructions.

In partnership with NZXT, they jointly designed an H710i inspired by Nebuchadnezzar. On the outside, multiple Sentinel arms wrap around the case giving the user their own choice of red or blue pill, while multiple nods to the franchise are on display inside – of the mysterious White Rabbit that begins the journey of Neo adorned on the screen of the Kraken to the mirror cable bar representative of the reflective ripple effect after taking the red pill.

The Breaker

NVIDIA Offers Matrix Resurrections GeForce RTX 05 Gaming PC |  TweakTown.com

Staszek “Tips” Wiertelak is a professional modder who has been working with GeForce Garage since 2015.

Tips’ creation for this project is a broadcast station rigged by a jury to emit a pirate signal that masquerades as a hacked sentry. While the entire build itself is interactive, the computer case itself can be easily removed from the system and used as a stand-alone machine.

Robert P. Miller