Newegg launches gaming PC finder service to help you find the perfect PC for the games you play

Today, Newegg Commerce, Inc. announced the launch of Gaming PC Finderan online tool that allows users to specialize in a PC system based on their gaming preferences. This tool will not only help consumers understand the importance of specific PC components to better gaming, but will see options in time real to make an informed and educated gaming computer purchase.

Newegg’s online gaming PC customization feature allows consumers to receive informed gaming PC recommendations based on their preferences

Computer buyers can better understand the needs required by the specifications of gaming PCs, as well as the various options and features on the website for direct sales and market purchases. Newegg’s Gaming PC Finder prompts users to enter their monitor resolution and choose four game titles from a list of eighteen available games. Based on the customer’s selection, the tool provides suitable gaming PC recommendations.

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Gaming PC Finder ranks PC builds based on expected performance to ensure the consumer is prepared with as much information for their next purchase. Newegg’s rating system and a small selection of games help determine PC gaming preferences for optimal component performance, which is a first to market in an automated form.

Newegg’s Gaming PC Finder customization tool also offers a notable feature allowing users to enter their current CPU and GPU to compare with the suggested CPU and GPU to understand why upgrading would be beneficial. Vital details like FPS and score are displayed to understand the opportunity to upgrade their PC.

Buying a new gaming PC can be daunting with all the system options available and the decisions required. We educate customers and minimize challenges with a wealth of information to truly personalize the experience and give players exactly what they want.

The tool is simple and easy. All necessary information is provided to enable customers to understand the decision process and select the PC that is best for them.

Every PC gamer wants the best possible experience, but may not have the expertise to determine the optimal components.

Gaming PC Finder was developed to empower and educate buyers to understand what components and budgets are needed to power their favorite games.

— Oscar Wong, Senior Director, Product Management, Newegg

at Newegg. Gaming PC Finder produces an essential utility for new PC enthusiasts venturing on their first build and seasoned DIYers by studying the system features and requirements of their chosen games and removing much of the guesswork from the selection of parts.

Readers can see the new Gaming PC Finder in action at

News source: Newegg Gaming PC Finder

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