Netspeak Games raises $12 million in adorable mobile games like Sunshine Days

Netspeak Games has raised $12 million to launch its first mobile game, a cute social name called Sunshine Days.

Netspeak was founded in 2018 to create worlds people want to spend time in. She focuses on creating social spaces where friendship, collaboration and support are the foundations of coexistence. Sunshine Days is in development for iOS and Android.

The round was led by Lakestar and Project A, with participation from Makers Fund and the addition of strong game leaders including Hilmar Veigar Petursson (CCP), Phil Mansel (Jagex) and Catherine Chew (Kepler Interactive).

A carousel in this sunny game.

Sunshine Days represents the company’s mission. With its multiplayer and mobile-first approach, Netspeak has been well known since mid-2020.

The founders of Improbable joined for quite a while to work on some kind of technology.

We have worked closely with most of the major multi-game studios and have learned a lot of technical and cultural issues, said Callum Brighting, general manager of Netspeak Games in a letter to GamesBeat. After seeing that the same problems often occur, we decided to have our own solution and build a really great space to work together.

With this new funding round, Netspeak has added $18 million to the total raised by Netspeak to date, including previous generation capital, funded by first Capital and participation from Makers Fund. This funding will help Netspeak grow rapidly and scale rapidly.

The Netspeak Games team.

It’s really inspiring for me to talk about our whole team’s money today. We looked for a way to overcome the industry’s obsession with the latest trends or the latest technologies, and create games that truly express the potential of our medium: to create worlds in which our players want to spend their time, their give them tools to express and explore their identities and create experiences they can share with friends old and new, Brighting said. A business during a pandemic was a challenge and it’s important to say that while supportive and loving, we kept a high priority on our studio culture, we were now a tyrant, industry-leading investors.

Netspeak Games said they are building a prestigious team of veterans and rising stars from the games industry and beyond. The studio has brought together talent and former experience from companies such as Sony, EA, Rockstar, Payload Studios, Lockwood Publishing, Microsoft, Palantir, Sega Europe and King.

Netspeak Games has taken a totally different approach to the games it builds and the internal culture they’ve created to build them, said Lakestar executive partner Mika Salmi. I want to help a team that is leading the way in games for a diverse audience.

Netspeak Games is recruiting for various positions. But the studio believes that great talent never always catches the eye of a spec; therefore, it encourages speculative requests from anyone looking for a role in the games. A single statement speaker is paid for all Netspeakers, and a free holiday. In addition, free work is offered to everyone by remote means, unlimited leave, premium for maternity, paternity and secondary care and mutual aid.

The company has 38 employees in 14 countries. Brighting said the team started in 2020 after a six-month spell of unemployment during the pandemic.

Sunny day street.

In our past life, we spent a lot of time sitting and thinking about multiplayer, Brighting said. Because of space, there is less innovation than a need for budget and team, we believe. Multiplayer should be all about combat, high scores, and grinding, so we believe our next big innovation can only be achieved by a small, diverse team, working on an agile mindset. This was the vision they were working towards.

The title is a cross-platform social mobile game set in a peaceful, healthy, and inclusive gaming environment where every player will be drawn into their little owl adventure. This adventure is filled with surprising locations to explore and fun activities to master, Brighting said. Along the way, the experience will be followed by memorable social encounters and budding friendships.

Asked what it would be like to raise money in an economic environment, Brighting said Series A was always going to be difficult to find that balance between showing good initial traction and laying the groundwork for a well-designed game for the next 10. years. Really difficult. The industry loves day 1 retention and minutes played by developing your skills. But this team did a great job and we couldn’t lose sight of our culture and our pillars to achieve this. Project A, The Lakestar and Makers Fund truly believe in the value of not only what we’ve built, but how we’ve built it.

Robert P. Miller