Netflix Announces Four New Mobile Games Launching This Month

Netflix is ​​releasing at least four new games for the month of September, and one of them is available to play today. Lucky Luna is the latest mobile game to launch on the Netflix app. It is an action platformer inspired by Japanese folklore. It features retro pixel graphics and offers a quaint story mode where you must help Luna uncover the mysteries of her past.

Players will have to go through dungeons and temples to reveal more mystery. But unlike pretty much every other platformer, the game doesn’t have a jump button. Instead, players wipe left or right to guide Luna on her journey as she sinks deeper and deeper into the depths of a multitude of ruins.

Netflix says each level provides unique mechanics. And there’s even a leaderboard for each level for players who want a bit of competitive experience. Additionally, there are a number of hidden challenge rooms to discover that contain collectibles. There are also 60 achievements and an endless mode. Lucky Luna is free with your Netflix subscription like all the other games in the app.

Netflix has three more games coming through September

While Lucky Luna is available today, mobile gamers with a Netflix subscription have three more games to look forward to. Throughout September, Netflix plans to release Immortality, Wild Things: Animal Adventures, and finally Rival Pirates. All of these games are listed as “coming soon” and have no actual date attached to them. But there are only a few full weeks of September left, so the wait won’t be too long.

You can also check out the trailers for Lucky Luna, Immortality, and Wild Things: Animal Adventures below. If you want to try Lucky Luna, you can download it from the button just below the videos, or grab it from the Netflix app on your mobile device. Netflix has been slowly and steadily adding mobile games to its growing list this year. And the company now has 28 titles in total, including Lucky Luna.

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Robert P. Miller