Modder plays Elden Ring using Fisher-Price gaming PC pad

Elden Ring is anything but child’s play, but a modder has turned a Fisher-Price toy controller into a gaming PC, adding an extra layer of colorful frustration to FromSoftware’s RPG. Created by YouTube Handyman Rudeismthe toy is wired like an Xbox USB gamepad, while featuring its original jingles and a smug smiley face on the front.

To prove it’s a real thing, Rudeism gives us a closer look at the Fisher-Price Gaming PC Controller in a Twitter Video. The short clip covers the pad control scheme, with a chonky thumbstick, D-pad, and face buttons working just as you’d expect. The modder also reveals his second joystick workaround, which is to toggle the functionality of the single stick using a comically large yellow switch.

If you’re familiar with Rudeism’s ridiculous creations, you’ll know that it enjoys playing challenging games using unconventional PC controllers. Not only did the modder dare to play Dark Souls using a frying pan, but he also stuck wires into a grenade (yes, the fruit) and used it to beat the indie roguelike game Hades.

Since sharing his creation, the self-proclaimed “weird creation builder” has used the pad to play Tony Hawk Pro Skater, while pulling off a million-point combo. Rudeism’s Fisher-Price-themed Elden Ring shenanigans might just be a short demo, but the modder said “Malenia gets 100% Fisher-Price,” so watch this space.

Naturally, the controller’s obnoxious lights and sounds will add another element of pain to FromSoftware’s notoriously difficult boss battles. That said, the toy functions more or less like a conventional pad, so it may be possible to become an Elden Lord using the cursed controller.

Robert P. Miller