Modded mobile games could go mainstream with latest BlueStacks feature

Why let pirates have fun?

Heroes of BlueStacks Creator Studio and Creator Hub

BlueStacks offers virtualization software, so those using Windows and MacOS can use Android apps and games on their systems. Late last year, BlueStacks X arrived in beta, a cloud-based platform powered by and its NFG platform. This platform keeps game code, game events, and game art separate, which is why BlueStacks officially announced Creator Studio & Creator Hub, all-new tools that allow users to create and share modified mobile games. BlueStacks has set itself the goal of bringing modded mobile games to the mainstream via Creator Studio and Creator Hub, available today.

BlueStacks Creator Studio & Creator Hub nfts

BlueStacks X and both feature the new Creator Studio & Creator Hub, where gamers can create and download mobile game mods to share with friends and family. Of course, this all has to do with NFTs, because of course it does, and so creators will be able to buy and sell mods as NFTs as well. You can already find a section on the BlueStacks website that lists a few of the already modded games, like Arknights and State of Survival, because everyone is confined to games supported by BlueStacks, which is a limited library full of games typical freebies. -play mobile games.


BlueStacks Creator Studio and Creator Hub Modules

On the face of it, mobile game mods going mainstream seems like an interesting angle for BlueStacks, ideally taking a chance on seedy pirated APK mods spread across dodgy websites, but really Creator Studio & Creator Hub looks and sounds more like an avenue easy to sell simple images and GIFs as NFT. The image above is straight from, and these are the most popular mods on the site right now. As you can see, it’s mostly a bunch of GIFs. Also, calling these mods GIFs is a bit of a stretch. Sure, you can insert these images into moddable games on BlueStacks and for a quick laugh, but it’s hardly comparable to the currency mods spread across pirate sites, which is what most people think of when they think to free modding. to play mobile games.

So this is it. BlueStacks is officially bringing mods to the mobile game through its new Creator Studio & Creator Hub. Yeah, the NFT angle is worrisome, and yeah, mods aren’t that impressive, seeing as most mods consist of inserting GIFs on top of a game’s imagery. Still, I’m sure a few BlueStacks users will appreciate the new modding feature. So, if you want to take a look for yourself, you can grab a copy of BlueStacks X from the official website to experience its new game modding capabilities.

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BlueStacks X launches in beta to bring your favorite Android games* to the cloud

* Well, not your favorites. But someone, probably

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