Mobile games need a way to be kept alive

Nintendo has just announced the discontinuation of its exclusive mobile game, Lost Dragalia. With new mobile games coming and going every day, it’s not an easy time for a fanbase when it comes to a halt. Mobile games, more so than console games, so easily become part of a person’s routine – it only takes minimal effort to pick up a cell phone and play for ten minutes every day. Having to force that habit to break is the hardest part of a game like Lost Dragalia Sign out.


End-of-life mobile games have different positions on this issue. Some opt not to post new content, instead browsing through previously posted events until nauseated. Others shut down their servers completely, usually removing all paywalls before doing so, just to give fans one last chance to play through all the content. In any case, mobile gaming is gaining momentum day by day and is revered to about the same extent as PC or console gaming. A lifespan of just a few years is not enough for some mobile games – there must be a way to better preserve them.

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Dragalia Lost: Nintendo’s original mobile IP address


In 2016, Nintendo expressed interest in expanding its mobile games department. It was an exciting time for Nintendo fans, as it allowed free official games based on fan-favorite series, all from the comfort of a smartphone. Some of the first games were Super Mario Run, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, and Fire Emblem Heroes, all of which come from massively popular IP addresses. Lost Dragalia, on the other hand, is interesting in that it is developed by Nintendo and completely original.

Lost Dragalia first released in September 2018. The game is a gacha game, which means players have to spend in-game currency to summon new characters, complete with voice acting and original music. It has strategic and action-packed gameplay, co-op, collaborations with games like personas 5 – it’s clear that Nintendo put a ton of effort into Lost Dragalia. This instantly drew players in, which makes it all the more upsetting now that the game is shutting down.

Fan sites, like Dragalia Lost’s The Reddit page, is full of sad tributes to the game. It’s clear that this game has become a habit for many gamers, something to look forward to checking out every day. The game will receive its final update in July 2022 and shut down shortly after, but players wish it could stick around for longer. This is unfortunately unavoidable for all mobile games, no matter the size.

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How mobile games handle the ending differently

Dr Mario World has stopped

Lost Dragalia is not the first Nintendo mobile game to stop, because Dr. Mario World went offline last year and Miitomo done a few years ago. While this way of handling the ending seems the most common, some mobile games have different approaches. pokemon shuffle, for example, released on 3DS and smartphones in 2015 and received its last content update in 2018. Despite this, the puzzle game is set to cycle through all previously released content every week, up to 2037. That is crazy time to give fans a chance to play.

This inevitable end date, however, only applies to mobile games that operate strictly online. Other mobile games, like the once popular 2048, or the adorable cat collector, Neko Atsume, require an online connection to receive ads, but the games are still fully playable today. Of course, there are outliers, like how flappy bird has been removed from digital stores, but this big hurdle mostly applies to online-only mobile games. This type of game is still relatively new, so it’s interesting to see how different developers will approach end-of-life updates to mobile games.

The future of mobile gaming

forms pokemon go oricorio

Dragalia Lost’s shutdown shows that any mobile game, regardless of size, will eventually reach the end of its lifecycle. For example, even if it is a mobile gaming giant, Pokemon GO is surrounded by controversy. That, combined with the fact that it’s almost six years old, means problems can arise if some major changes aren’t made. the Pokemon The franchise in particular will potentially have to deal with many groups of upset fans in the future.

Pokemon GO is more than a habit for many long-time gamers, it’s part of their lives. Going out and capturing all the Pokemon is something kids growing up on the show have only dreamed of for years, so the fact that it will eventually end is scary. This applies to Pokemon many other mobile games as well, like EX Masters and the above To mix together. Some mobile titles have already been discontinued, even, like Pokemon Rumble Rush. Having to deal with stopping all these games in a way that respects long-time supporters will certainly be a daunting task.

The daunting tasks awaiting mobile developers Pokemon games is indicative of the mobile gaming industry as a whole. Mobile gaming is more casual and much newer than console gaming, but the games have equally dedicated fans. It’s a shame Lost Dragalia is the newest of many mobile games that have come and gone. Hopefully developers will come to see that this trend is not a positive one and that preserving mobile games is just as important as preserving console games.

Lost Dragalia is now available on Android and iOS.

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