How you can build a powerful gaming PC for under $1,100 using Prime Day deals

You probably think $1,100 is a lot of change, and you’d be absolutely right. Building a PC has never been a cheap endeavor, especially if you plan on using it to play games. The past few years have only exacerbated the problem with the incredibly high demand for PC components.

Now that Prime Day is upon us for 2022 and prices have slowly come down for graphics cards, the price of which was out of reach for many, it’s time to see how much you need to spend to build a powerful gaming PC. Using the Amazon Prime Day deals, we managed to put together a version for under $1,100.

This PC would be able to play even the most demanding games at 1440p with decent results. If you’re using a 1080p monitor, you’ll be spoiled with a high number of frames pushed every second.

How to Build a Gaming PC for Under $1,100

Total: $1,098

We’ve limited ourselves to using Amazon Prime Day deals only, and you can track all the best Prime Day deals on PC parts we find right here on Windows Central. As mentioned above, this PC build would have no issues at 1080p or 1440p in a variety of games at high settings.

You can bring the total down to under $1000 by lowering your expectations slightly and grabbing a cheaper GPU for 1080p gaming only. I wouldn’t recommend it, however, as it’s always best to spend as much as possible on the GPU to ensure you get the most out of it before having to upgrade again.

Robert P. Miller