How much should you pay for a gaming PC on Amazon Prime Day?

The world’s largest online retailer’s coveted discount event is less than a week away, with Amazon Prime Day PC deals taking place on July 12 and 13. As in previous years, the question remains as to how much should you really be paying for a gaming PC on the day. Well, since the rig has so many different options for budget, midrange, and enthusiast-level machines, that answer will entirely depend on what you want your new rig to do for you. 2022.

This is where we come in. We not only have years of experience with some of the best gaming PCs, but also track favorite models and components on the day. With so many different brands on the market now, it can be a bit of a minefield for the uninitiated, as no one wants to be sucked into investing in a machine with aging hardware, or paying more than necessary for something. which doesn’t quite do it. what you want.

We’re helping you find the right gaming PC for you ahead of Prime Day here, so you can buy with confidence knowing you’ll have a high-performing PC for years to come. We’ve also considered builds of all specs and hardware suitability, from top brands to boutique builders we’ve had hands-on experience with.

Budget PC on Prime Day

(Image credit: HP/iBuyPower)

Budget gaming PC (under $1000)

There’s a wide range of budget gaming PCs we’re expecting discounts for throughout Prime Day, as historically we’ve found entry-level machines starting around $599 and up. At a minimum, you’ll want to go for a build that includes at least an AMD Ryzen 3 or Intel Core i3 processor, 8GB of RAM, and a dedicated graphics card from AMD or Nvidia. Generally, we recommend the ever-popular GTX 1650 or GTX 1660 for occasional use from Team Green, and an RX 5500 from the red corner.

Don’t be fooled into splashing out on a gaming PC with an above average CPU when the rig doesn’t have a graphics card, because you’re not going anywhere with integrated graphics baked onto the chip unless you weren’t going for the latest Ryzen 5000 G series (which are rare in this price range anyway). At the higher end of the price spectrum, just south of $1,000, you can very easily find an RTX 3050 PC, with the tendency to come with i5 CPUs, 8GB of RAM, and the entry-level Ampere GPU. with 8 GB of GDDR6 memory. While targeting 1080p, you’ll get ray tracing and DLSS support, letting you push demanding games much further than you would natively.

Depending on the breadth of deals available on the day, it might well be possible to find machines running models like the RX 6600 or RTX 3060 in this price range as well. Computers with this level of hardware perform much better at Full HD and 1440p, so that’s something to keep in mind though.

Which budget gaming PCs should you buy on Prime Day?

There’s a wide selection of budget gaming PCs out there that we typically see under the $1,000 mark in most cases. This includes inexpensive configurations of the HP Pavilion desktop, iBuyPower Slate MR, HP Omen 25L, Acer Nitro 50, CyberPowerPC Gamer Master, and various Skytech Gaming configurations.

Mid-range PC on Prime Day

(Image credit: HP/Acer)

Mid-range gaming PC (under $1,500)

If you’re looking for a much more powerful machine to push high resolutions and even higher frame rates, then raising your budget past the $1000 mark is definitely the way to go. Mid-range PC gaming hardware is very competitively priced right now, especially for models with 1440p and high-end 4K60 within their reach. There’s a lot to do with rigs well below the $1500 mark, many of which will feature faster processors, a lot more storage space, and much better video cards.

This is the price range in which we normally see the RTX 3060 and RTX 3070 series, whether the standard or Ti variants, which are designed for high performance without breaking the bank. Additionally, Intel Core i7 processors and AMD Ryzen 7 processors are common in builds of this spec, as are larger NVMe SSDs, which are significantly faster than SATA and traditional HDDs.

These machines arguably offer the best value for money for the vast majority of PC gamers, making gaming PCs under $1,500 among the most sought after on Prime Day, at least in our experience. Additionally, there is also a lot more representation of boutique builders and models made by specified manufacturers for the asking price.

Which mid-range gaming PCs should you buy on Prime Day?

As for the mid-range gaming PCs available, you have configurations of the Alienware Aurora R10, as well as HP Omen 30L, Acer Predator Orion 3000 and 5000, and various Skytech and iBuyPower models to name a few. only a few.

Prime Day high-end gaming PC

(Image credit: Acer / Corsair)

High-end gaming PC

For those who want high-end options with their next rig on Prime Day, you can find computers like the RTX 3080s well below the $2,000 mark on that day. Machines with this hardware get 16GB or 32GB of RAM and run Intel Core i7/i9 processors or an AMD Ryzen equivalent. The biggest strength of these computers is their 4K gaming capability above the 60 FPS mark, while also using some of the best SSDs for gaming.

Enthusiast-level rigs can also feature the RTX 3080 Ti and RTX 3090 in both of its variants as well as starting at this rate. We’re seeing more and more machines running some of the best CPUs for gaming, such as Intel’s latest 12th Gen processors. When it comes to future-proofing your machine, these are the models that won’t have any bottlenecks and nothing will slow them down in the future.

Which high-end gaming PCs should you buy on Prime Day?

We can really recommend the Alienware Aurora R13 and the Acer Predator Orion 7000 as two of the best high-end machines you can buy right now. As for the other machines available from $2,000, you have the HP Omen 45L, along with the Corsair One i300 for more premium options as well.

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