Gaming Gear to Start Your Streaming Career in 2021 –

Streaming video games and all entertainment content is a big market which is becoming more and more popular every year and can generate decent income. People love to watch other people’s streams; it can work like your grandma’s TV – right in the background. It is also a common practice when a new game requires too much computing power and many people simply do not have the opportunity to enjoy the gameplay. Streaming is a great way to get to know the game you want while watching the other person play it.

But let’s not stray too far from the topic and get back to basics. If you want to try yourself as a streamer, you have to spend a lot of money to deliver an appealing image to your viewers. You absolutely must buy equipment such as:

  • Camera;
  • Microphone;
  • External video capture card;
  • Helmet.

And of course a good PC or laptop for it to work properly.

How to choose a good camera

The camera is an important enough aspect that your feeds are being watched and you don’t want to go further to other people. The point is that a feed is something like a virtual conversation and, as a rule, it is very important that people see their interlocutor with quality. Especially when it comes to dynamics casino games so you can instantly see a person’s emotions from across the screen. And about it, you should pay attention to the following features:

  • Full HD image resolution or better;
  • Frames per second (ideally 60);
  • Image capture angle.

Tips to help you choose the right microphone

It should be borne in mind that webcams are equipped with the most common microphones which are suitable for simple video calls, but do not provide high quality sound when recording streams. To record streams professionally, you need an external microphone or at least headphones. These devices are certainly much better than the built-in ones and offer a more natural sound, which greatly affects the overall quality of the stream. The microphone is also extremely important because the people following you also want quality sound, where all of your gameplay comments and stories will be heard.

Video capture cards: what is it and why you need it

A video capture card is more important than a streaming device. This device allows you not to burden your main device with additional difficulties related to processing images for streaming, but to give your all for this video capture card. So you can start streaming in high quality up to 4K, but at the same time your PC or laptop will be completely free to run games and other software. It is very important here to pay attention to the power of the video card as the budget options cannot always cope with this task perfectly and as a result you will waste your money.

Headphones – Quite important aspect

While some streamers use the microphone in their gaming headsets, having a dedicated device can provide much better sound quality. If a streamer can still do without a webcam, then there is absolutely no way without a microphone. Viewers come to the stream precisely to listen to how you play the game or comment on other actions. It is therefore very important that the sound is of good quality. With a good streaming microphone, your voice will be heard loud and clear in all conditions. Important parameters when choosing a microphone:

  • 20Hz to 20kHz frequency response to capture any sound;
  • Directivity: cardioid or multidirectional (with the possibility of modifying the parameters);
  • Sensitivity: from 40 dB;
  • USB connection for easier setup and versatility;
  • The length of cable that suits your needs;
  • Additional accessories included: table stand or stand, adapter.


As you can see, starting a career as a streamer requires a fairly large financial investment. However, you can use budget rewards to give yourself a try. And if you engage the audience and find a niche for yourself, then over time you will have the opportunity to upgrade your equipment. In fact, many streamers started using just one PC or laptop and didn’t use any additional devices. However, today the competition is very stiff and no one will be so simply interested.

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