Gaming equipment that big streamers use and where to buy them

Sometimes you need more than a good sense of the game and skill to win the round.

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What keyboard is Shroud currently using? Is this a Pulsar Xlite that Noctile uses? And what about those headphones on Pokimane setup?

Streamers make gaming easy, but the reality is some parts can get really sweaty. Sure, most gamers hone their skills by playing their favorite games for hours on end, but we can’t ignore the fact that good equipment also contributes to the quality of your game.

Many pro-gamers and streamers take their time testing gaming peripherals and accessories, because sometimes the difference between you and your opponent is something as simple as your mouse latency or DPI sensitivity.

Finding gear can be a very complicated and expensive process, so we’ve made a list of suggestions you can get started with, based on the gear we’ve seen using some popular Twitch streamers.

Pulsar XLITE gaming mouse

[Buy this for P2,490]

The Korean gaming brand created this mouse to be as light as possible, marketing it as a device that’s lighter than an egg in the hand thanks to its mesh design. This mouse has simple controls and is also available in white and wireless versions. It has a high DPI sensitivity range and is durable enough to support your hand when clicking certain heads. This Pulsar XLITE is one of the latest additions to the collection of Filipino streamer Valorant Noctile.

HyperX Cloud Alpha Pro Helmet

[Buy this for P4,450]

You rarely see Pokimane fanart without his headphones. It is a must for its installation! And that’s also part of the reason she’s such a pro at video games. Pokimane, the tallest female streamer on Twitch, is a longtime HyperX fan and owns a pair of Cloud Alpha Pro headphones that she has been using for four years now. These headphones have a dual chamber driver design that separates the bass, mids and highs for less distortion. It’s also padded with memory foam, has a removable noise-canceling microphone, and is really designed for gamers of all kinds of consoles.

SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless Gaming Headset

[Buy this for P16,495]

Need less wiring for your setup? The SteelSeries Arctis Pro are lossless headphones suitable for both gaming and listening to hi-fi music. This is also the pair that we see Twitch streamer Masayoshi using and sadly throwing across the room during in-game jumpscares. This headset is constructed from lightweight aluminum alloy and steel and has a dual battery system. replaceable.

Nintendo Switch OLED

[Buy this for P22,995]

There were mixed reactions when the Nintendo Switch OLED was announced, as many tech critics said it felt like a minor upgrade rather than a major upgrade. BeatEmUps, the YouTuber and Twitch streamer, however, backs the new design by saying that they have really improved the game on the console. The new Nintendo Switch OLED comes with a bigger and better screen, as well as a more robust sound system and a thicker kickstand on the back. There are also internal upgrades like higher storage capacity and a new chipset that improves performance as well as battery life.

If the new OLED is overpriced but you still want to experience the platform, vanilla Change console is still available, or you can get the Animal crossing View version of Megan Young streams.

Power an NSW Fusion Pro Controller for Nintendo Switch

[Buy this for P5,295]

BeatEmUps are also a big specialist in Switch accessories and are always on the lookout for good controllers and grips. If you are looking for a good controller, this is the one that supports you. Unlike the Joycons that come with the Switch, the Fusion Pro by Power A has a more conventional and ergonomic design that gives you a better grip and enough space to use your controller more precisely.

Logitech G610

[Buy this for P4,179]

Full-time Filipino streamer Ramenstyle is popular for playing first person shooters and survival games, most recently with Escape from Tarkov. Part of its setup is a Logitech G610 mechanical keyboard, a substantial upgrade from your average desktop keyboard. This full-size keyboard comes with Cherry MX switches and features customizable lighting.

Logitech G PRO X

[Buy this for P5,999]

If a full-size keyboard is too big for your desktop, the keyless Logitech G Pro X has a smaller profile that might work for you. This is also the keyboard that Shroud, a former professional CS: GO gamer, recently saw use. It’s also a mechanical keyboard that comes with Cherry MX switches, RGB lighting, and a detachable USB cable.

The ultimate setup

When building or upgrading your gaming setup, remember that you don’t have to go big right away and buy all the gear you see.

Start by thinking about the types of games you usually play and what you will need the most. The process will also involve a lot of trial and error, so if you’re not convinced by the reviews you see online, ask around and see what others think of the device you are looking at.

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