Dangerous Trojan horse detected in 190 Huawei mobile games with millions of downloads

Huawei’s store was also not backed up and 190 games were found to be infected with a dangerous Trojan horse capable of collecting information on our mobile device.

While we’re used to encountering malware in some third-party app stores or even the Google Play Store, there are also other retail stores like Huawei’s that have a plethora of apps and games, and that are not malware free.

And is that despite Huawei’s efforts, Doctor Web analysts have now detected that Huawei’s AppGallery catalog contains dozens of games with a built-in Trojan horse. that he was able to collect information on the user’s mobile number, and this is particularly sensitive because most of the infected apps and games were aimed at children.

The named Trojan Android.Cynos.7.original It has been featured in around 190 games that collectively accumulate 9.3 million downloads, collected from businessinsider.

The Trojan horse is a modification of the same, discovered in 2014, which had a rather aggressive behavior capable of sending SMS to paid numbers by intercepting incoming SMS, in addition to being able to download other malicious applications.

Now, this new version detected by researchers is able to collect much more information about users and their mobile devices. In order for the Trojan to perform the infection completely, user must accept permission to handle phone calls.

Once the user accepts the permissions, the device is infected and the Trojan collects and transfers information to the server ranging from the user’s mobile number, the location of the device, various mobile network options. , the technical characteristics of the terminal and various metadata, among other things.

As we mentioned, the Android.Cynos.7.origin Trojan has been localized in 190 games published in the AppGallery catalog in genres such as simulators, platformers, arcades, strategy games and shooters with installations ranging from thousands to millions, affecting 9.3 million terminals.

The research team informed Huawei that it was responsible for removing the 190 games containing the Trojan.

We advise you to browse the official report to find out if any of these games are installed on your device.

Robert P. Miller