Corsair gaming PC case mod cuts temperatures by 10 degrees

Corsair is renowned for producing some of the best PC cases on the gaming PC market, but that doesn’t mean Corsair case designs can’t be improved with a bit of sneaky tinkering. In fact, a modder reduced the internal temperature of the Carbide 175R by 10 degrees by adding sleek hexagonal vents to the front panel.

Following some component updates, Reddit user Alternative-Draft-94 found that their Corsair briefcase was starting to “behave like a mini oven”, with idle CPU temperatures around 40-45°C. Rather than just buying a new home for their system, they instead got down to designing a honeycomb pattern in Adobe Illustrator and got to work sculpting it into the front panel.

Armed with nothing but a utility knife and sandpaper, it took Alternative-Draft-94 “six to seven hours” to complete the design, but not before he received five stitches in the left hand after unfortunately getting caught with the blade. Luckily, it looks like the mod was worth it, as the modder reports that CPU temperatures have dropped by 10 degrees to between 30 and 33°C.

While this decrease is impressive, we’d like to know how much more temperatures could be lowered by placing some of the best PC fans behind the makeshift dust filter. Additionally, we’d love to see Corsair produce an official panel in this style, as it really transforms the look of the otherwise rather plain Carbide 175R.

Robert P. Miller