BTS fans furious as Twitch streamer 39daph plays mobile games at concert

The mega-fans of KPOP group BTS have lambasted Twitch streamer 39daph after being recorded playing the mobile game “Cookie Run” during their first gig in two years.

No matter which corner of the internet you venture into, BTS ‘stans’ are a strong and powerful force. They support their boys no matter what, and if you disrespect them, you will know it.

In 2020, we saw them feuding with KSI over their album, and PewDiePie called them “the craziest. [fans] on the planet.”

Now 39daph upset them, with fans believing she disrespected the group at a concert on December 2 by trying to play the Cookie Run mobile game while they performed.

BTS fans hit at 39daph

The clip quickly went viral among BTS fans, with many divided over what to think about it.

While it didn’t bother some, there were a large number of fans who didn’t like it, calling daph for not giving them his full attention.

“The people who don’t drive some of us crazy are because we would do anything to be in this position,” one explained. “It was BTS’s first gig after two years and a very emotional and happy time for them and their fans, so seeing someone take it for granted and disrespect them in the face hurts.”

Others developed this point, saying that “It’s more about the fact that she went and showed that she was selfless, which can be considered a jab at bts.”

39daph responds to reaction from BTS fans

Hours later, Daph posted a tweet explaining the situation and addressing the backlash, making a subtle joke about it.

“I know I upset some BTS fans with the video of me playing cookie for 10 seconds with a bad connection,” she said, before making a light joke. “Unfortunately, I couldn’t play longer than that, but the VIP booth tickets were free! no money was wasted, everything was fine.

Soon after, she went streaming and briefly touched on the issue, making yet another joke. “Sorry, they gave me the tickets and you didn’t because you are poor,” she said.

While many replies to her tweet laughed at the situation, she still received a lot of disappointed tweets from BTS fans who didn’t think the tweet was a sufficient explanation.

Needless to say, daph has rocked one of the most engaged fan bases on the internet – something we wouldn’t encourage anyone to do.

Robert P. Miller