Black Friday 2021 gaming PC deals: replace your platform for less this year

Black Friday PC gaming deals are an effective way to get involved in the world of PC gaming at a lower cost. For some, this isn’t exactly a viable way to play the game, and this is due to the (usually) high costs associated with the platform. However, save a few hundred (if not thousands) of dollars, and suddenly the best gaming PC with the best processor or game, the best graphics card, and the best RAM for gaming becomes a much more tangible proposition.

We’re well aware that Black Friday is a bit far on the horizon at the moment, but we think it’s never a bad idea to have a plan in place so you can maximize the likelihood of scoring a system. stellar for, perhaps, its lowest price on record.

PC gaming is dominated by two major forces when it comes to the major components of the modern era. If you buy a new system, this computer will use an Intel Core or AMD Ryzen processor. For reference, the most recent versions of these chipsets are the 11th gen and 5000 series respectively. As far as graphics cards are concerned, it’s a familiar story. You’ll take a pre-built battle station with an Nvidia GTX / RTX GPU or an AMD Radeon equivalent. The current iterations of the two companies are the RTX 30 line from Nvidia and the RX 6000 series from AMD.

That brings us to the other core components which, since you’re buying a plug-and-play platform that’s eager to get off the beaten track, could be largely interchangeable with industry standard parts or proprietary technology depending on who. assembled the system. For example, a Dell / Alienware gaming PC will be designed using specially designed RAM sticks and power units, while a store builder, such as Skytech or iBuyPower is much more likely to use of consumer electronics in its construction of major brands. instead of.

If you can’t quite wait until Black Friday is upon us, take advantage of the best cheap gaming PC deals live right now, with options for less than $ 10. $ 1,000 / £ 1,000 on the best brands of the moment.

Black Friday Gaming PC Deals

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When will Black Friday gaming PC deals start?

Black Friday takes place this year on November 26. However, it should be noted that transactions will likely start before and end after this date, as is becoming more and more common at some of the larger online retailers. We wouldn’t be surprised if the gaming PC offerings started rolling out this Monday and lasted the entire week ending Cyber ​​Monday.

Where to find the best Black Friday gaming PC deals?

When it comes to the best Black Friday gaming PC deals, in general we’ve seen that Dell has some of the biggest discounts on high-end gaming platforms (namely the Alienware Aurora line), but Big box stores are catching up as Best Buy and Walmart has established a greater presence with computer hardware in recent years.


Amazon: Fair prices on branded and store-built prefabricated gaming PCs
Dell: Regularly has some of the best deals on Alienware Aurora versions
Best buy: Low starting price on iBuyPower, HP and Lenovo platforms
Walmart: Competitive prices on all major brands with the latest GPUs
Newegg: Big savings on ABS Legend and Gladiator gaming PCs


Amazon: Minor savings on Admi, Vibox, CyberPowerPC and more
Curries: Few offers but competitive prices on high-end gaming PCs
Overclockers: Low starting prices for OcUK custom gaming PCs
eBuyer: Decent savings to be made on versions of the AlphaSync store
Very: Savings on PC Specialist, Zoostrom and MSI gaming platforms

Black Friday gaming PC deals: what to expect

Dell tends to have some of the most exciting Black Friday gaming PC deals we’ve seen in recent memory, most notably with its Alienware Aurora line of computers. Last year, several configurations of the Alienware Aurora R11 received big discounts, with one model selling for $ 1,808.99 versus $ 2,010 for a savings of $ 202. An Alienware R10 Ryzen model saw $ 496 less than its asking price ($ 1,763 vs. $ 2,259), which was one of the more extreme offers in last year’s sales event.

It’s a similar story on branded gaming PCs like Newegg. A prebuilt ABS Master (including an RTX 2060) was selling for $ 949 for $ 1,100 and a Skytech Archangel (model GTX 1660) was on offer for $ 749.99 versus $ 1,100 for a savings of $ 350. It’s safe to say, whether you go for a machine with the latest and greatest GPUs like the RTX 3070 and RTX 3080 or prefer to specify a little more humbly, that you should be considered.

Do I have to wait until Black Friday to buy a gaming PC?

Given the trends we’ve seen in recent years, where preconfigured gaming PCs often see their most consistent and significant discounts of the year around this time, we personally think it’s definitely worth the wait. Black Friday gaming PC deals. It would be a slightly different story if you just wanted to buy a few premium components, but in terms of setting up some out-of-the-box hardware, you’d better be able to save a few bucks where you can, especially if you’re at. looking for an RTX PC, which can otherwise get expensive due to demand.

Black Friday Gaming PC Deals

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Today’s Best Gaming PC Deals

Our price comparison software works around the clock to bring you the best deals on some of our favorite gaming PC setups this side of Black Friday.

We mentioned the Alienware Aurora versions (our number one choice for the best gaming PC) because of their small form factor, powerful specs, and long lifespan. However, if you’re looking for something a little different, the Acer Predator Orion 3000 offers great value for money with room to expand and upgrade in the future.

Once you have that shiny new gaming PC on your desktop, keep current with great peripherals and use the best gaming monitor, the best gaming keyboards and best gaming mouse to buy.

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