AyaNeo Next portable gaming PC to rival Steam Deck

PC games are becoming more and more portable. Mini PCs like Corsair’s new One i300 are all the rage, along with streaming PC games to mobile devices or TVs. Valve’s Steam Deck is about to be a new laptop gaming experience, and it’s getting some competition.

AyaNeo is a company that seems to have a more high-end look at portable gaming PCs. Its line of devices looks a lot like the Steam Deck, which also looks a lot like a Nintendo Switch. A big screen in the center with controllers that have analog sticks, a d-pad, and face buttons on either side, but there’s a huge difference in construction between the two, and also in price. The AyaNeo 2021 Pro, for example, packs an AMD Ryzen 7 4800U processor with a 1TB SSD and also costs $ 1,315. For comparison, Steam Decks are expected to have a maximum memory capacity of 512GB at US $ 649 when they release in February.

Ayaneo’s new high-end portable PC game, the AyaNeo Next Advance, is also slated for release in February. This one is a real step forward, housing a Zen3 Ryzen 5800U and 2TB of storage, and is just a little more expensive than the 2021 pro at $ 1,345. On top of that, there’s 16GB of RAM, a 7-inch high-brightness display, customizable gamepads with magnetic Hall sensors that AyaNeo says will eliminate drift issues, fingerprint awakening and more. . It’s even Wi-Fi 6E compatible if you have a router like this that can support it. It also runs its own software, Aya Space, although again, like the Steam Deck, it still looks like it can be plugged in and used like a normal Windows PC through the USB C port. a very nice piece of premium kit.

The Zen 3 chip should make the AyaNeo Next Advance very powerful on the processor side, and that extra SSD space is invaluable with today’s big AAA games. It remains to be seen whether all of this will net him $ 700 more than the regular Steam Deck.

On the product page, AyaNeo lists some specs on how Next Advance has been tested to work in the company’s labs on various games. Most seem to be talking about the power consumption of the 4100mAh battery which can run games between 2 and 6 hours. While the numbers are very vague without much information, it does show that Cyberpunk 2077 was running at 30fps, although we would like to see that in action.

The AyaNeo Next Advance is currently available for preorder on the AyaNeo website, and is expected to be released in late February with a limited number of signed editions along with a special nameplate engraving.

Robert P. Miller