Apple Arcade just added two fantastic mobile games

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Apple Arcade has just added two new games to its library, both of which are remarkable. Subscribers can now download Dandara: Trials of Fear + and Oddmar + via the App Store.

Apple’s two new games are hidden gems in their own right. Dandara: Trials of Fear + is an expanded version of Dandara, a Metroidvania-style game from 2018. Originally released on consoles, Dandara is a game where players cross, sticking to surfaces. The game is based on Brazilian history, taking inspiration from the real world Dandara, a woman who fought against slavery during the colonial period of Brazil.

Oddmar, another game of 2018, is a Viking platform game that was originally released to mobile devices. It offers gameplay similar to that of the Rayman series. While the game typically costs $ 5 on the App Store, Apple Arcade subscribers will be able to download it at no additional cost.

Both games are a perfect fit for Apple’s growing subscription service and its recent suite of devices. OddmarThe swipe-controlled platform is as smooth as butter, and the colorful visuals always stand out among mobile games (it’s especially vibrant on an iPhone 13 Pro). Dandara Especially worth a visit for those who missed it in 2018. I originally played it on a Nintendo Switch, but it’s a great game for mobile. On a new iPad Mini, it’s easier than ever to switch between surfaces with a flick of your thumb.

Apple Arcade experienced a major expansion in 2021, revamping the service. In addition to adding notable games like Fantastic, it also brought notable mobile classics to the platform. This includes phone staples like Solitaire and surprising ports like Monster Hunter Stories.

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