AOC Gaming Introduces New Gaming Equipment / New Gaming Experience

AGON from AOC has a few new additions to its portfolio for the PC gaming world. If you are looking for a mouse or a headset, you can definitely find it here.

The AOC GAMING GM530 is an extremely ergonomic right-handed mouse with silicone side grips. They help the player to hold the mouse in place and follow its aim in pro-game halls, where they need to be particularly precise. The advanced PixArt PMW3389 sensor delivers precise scanning at 16,000 dpi resolution. The mouse has Kailh keys, which provide an exceptional “click” and fast rewind. Thanks to its long lifespan (80 million clicks), it is also suitable for professionals. The skin-friendly matte UV coating is comfortable and of high quality. In addition to the main left / right buttons and mouse wheel, the AOC GM530 has two left thumb buttons and two additional buttons below the wheel. The buttons are fully customizable thanks to the AOC G-Menu. Incidentally, it also allows two different RGB areas of the mouse to be synchronized with the Light-FX-RGB lighting from the rest of the AGON ecosystem. The GH530 comes with a braided cable and a gold-plated USB connector.

The GM510 is also a right-handed mouse and, thanks to its unique honeycomb pattern, it is really light (58 grams without cable). It can be maneuvered without any problem even when the heat of the moment gets hot and lightning-like reactions need to be transmitted instantly to the corresponding mouse movements, which can quickly mean the difference between victory and victory. loss in competitive FPS title. The ventilated housing design prevents the mouse from sweating and becoming slippery – perfect for hot summer days. Much like the GM530, the GM510 uses durable and ergonomic Kailh keys (80 million clicks) as well as the same advanced PixArt sensor to accurately track movement, even during high-throttle maneuvers. Finally, the six buttons (including the two thumb buttons) can be fully customized using the AOC G-Menu software and the individual RGB zones can be synchronized with other AGON devices.

There is also an AGON by AOC wireless gaming headset for those who want more freedom of movement during intense sessions: the AOC GAMING GH401 with 2.4 GHz wireless technology for a range of up to 10 meters. Of course, it can also be connected to a 3.5mm jack if a wireless connection is not required. The built-in battery provides 17 hours of audio (with volume set to 50%) and can be charged via the state-of-the-art USB-C port. The GH401 features the same 50mm neodymium speaker driver for perfectly clean, true sound, along with the same comfortable synthetic leather upholstery and memory foam as the GH200 and GH300, all for a Optimal wearing comfort even during long gaming sessions. The removable boom microphone can be individually adjusted for clean sound transmission and optimal handling. Volume and mute are easily adjusted using the built-in controls. GH401 is compatible with PC and PS4 and PS5.

AOC GM530 and GM510 gaming mice have started November 2021 NOT. 44.90 € / 48.90 CHF Law. 44.90 € / 48.90 CHF (PVC) is available.

The AOC GH401 gaming headset is also coming November 2021 NOT. 79.90 € / 86.30 CHF (RRP) on the shelves.

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