8 Best Otome Mobile Games

Otome games are available on all devices; from the Playstation 5 to the Nintendo DS, you can find a range of games in this genre. Sometimes you might just want to get cozy on the couch with your phone, so we’re here to bring you some of the best mobile otome games. Since they are available on your phone, you can also play these other games on the go.

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The other games on this list are available on iPhone and Android, all free to download. If you’re new to otome games, these options are also great starters, helping you get to grips with this romance genre.


8 Ikemen Sengoku

  • Available on: iOS, Android

First up we have Ikemen Sengoku. This game is part of the larger Ikemen series, which consists of several otome games. Ikemen Sengoku is set in the era of Japanese warlords, where you meet real historical figures such as Nobunaga Oda.

Ikemen Sengoku is essentially an Isekai game, which means that you are “transported” to another world and have to deal with what is around you. As you play, you’ll only have three months before you can return to your time; will you fall in love in these three months?

seven Obey me! Anime Otome Sim Game

  • Available on: iOS, Android

Next, we have Obey Me! Anime Otome Sim Game. Although the title may sound like a jumble of words, this game has grown in popularity; we even have several guides you can consult.

Like Ikemen Sengoku, you are an ordinary human, transported to a new world called Devildom. This game is perfect if you have an interest in the supernatural. Obey me! combines classic otome elements with gacha, allowing you to collect cards and win music battles.

6 mystical messenger

  • Available on: iOS, Android

Mystic Messenger was first launched in 2016, allowing you to chat on the phone with your love interests. This unique game is realistic, with real-time phone calls and texts.

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In addition to the unique gameplay, the story and journey of each of the characters is incredible; each character is filled with depth, making you think you’re talking with a real person. It’s no wonder Mystic Messenger has risen in popularity with a near-perfect rating on the App Store and a total of 50,100 reviews.

5 Amnesia: Memories

  • Available on: iOS, Android, PS Vita, PC, Nintendo Switch

As its name suggests, Amnesia: Memories puts you in the place of the main character who has lost his memories. Throughout the game, you will have to find your memories and find out exactly what is going on.

In addition to playing Amnesia: Memories on your phone, you can also play it on your computer and Nintendo Switch. If you’re looking for more Amnesia content, there’s also an anime with the same title that aired in 2013.

4 Vampire Ikemen

  • Available on: iOS, Android

Ikemen Vampire is another game in the Ikemen series, along with Ikemen Sengoku. Instead of being transported to feudal Japan, you’ll be surrounded by historical European figures with a twist of intrigue; they are all vampires.

Do you dream of being in a relationship with Isaac Newton? This is now possible in Ikemen Vampire. This game follows a similar format to Ikemen Sengoku, with beautiful animation and an engaging story. It’s easy to forget that you’re surrounded by a group of vampires.

3 Samurai Love Ballad: Party

  • Available on: iOS, Android

Samurai Love Ballad: Party is set during the Sengoku period. Many characters are the same as Ikemen Sengoku due to the time period, but their character and personalities are addressed in different ways.

It’s easy to mention the Sengoku period and leave the world-building to that, but Samurai Love Ballad: Party spends time building the world while teaching you Japanese history at the same time. This game is also full of supporting characters, building a world beyond you and your love interests.

2 Tears of Themis

  • Available on: iOS, Android

Tears of Themis is part of the MiYovers, which also brought us Genshin Impact. This game combines the otome visual novel with gacha and detective work. You, along with the four main characters in this game, work together and solve cases that occur in Stellis. Some otome games put you in the position of a clueless girl, but in Tears of Themis you play as “Rosa”, a highly educated lawyer.

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If you’re a fan of games like 999 and Danganronpa, then you’ll definitely like the detective elements of Tears of Themis. Each chapter involves a case that you must solve. There are several mechanics, including searching the crime scene, interviewing suspects, and finding connections between clues.

1 court of darkness

  • Available on: iOS, Android

Finally, we have the Court of Darkness. This otome game takes place in a magical kingdom, where you attend an academy with five princes. The story of Court of Darkness may be a bit simple, but the characters are incredibly well written, which makes this magical world realistic.

Rather than playing a submissive girl surrounded by dominant men, you become a sassy girl who speaks her mind. If you’re looking for an intriguing story that focuses on relationships, then Court of Darkness is definitely the game for you.

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