4 best entertainment stocks to watch as Netflix launches mobile games


The best entertainment stocks to watch in October 2021

Like the widest stock Exchange seems lacking in direction, entertainment stocks remain promising. We have seen the entertainment industry evolve and flourish during the global pandemic. Many people who typically seek outdoor entertainment have been forced to explore options indoors due to lockdown restrictions. Naturally, gaming and streaming companies have seen an increase in user numbers, which has prompted companies in the industry to step up their game. In fact, even entertainment streaming pioneers such as Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX) expand their offer. This week, Netflix announced that it is rolling out its mobile games in select European markets.

On top of that, Netflix also bought Night School Studio, making it the company’s first video game studio. Well, that move would remove any doubt about Netflix’s intention to explore the gaming market. Thus, if you are a subscriber in the region, you will have access to these games as part of your subscription. Another streaming giant that is not resting on its laurels is reportedly Spotify technology (NYSE: SPOT). The company will change the name of its advertising business to Spotify Advertising. Spotify hopes to increase its ad revenue by attracting small and medium businesses to advertise on its platform. All of this shows that the entertainment industry is very competitive and the best is yet to come. With that in mind, these best entertainment actions to be a leader in the stock market today?

Best entertainment stocks to watch before October 2021

Walt disney

First off, on the list we have everyone’s childhood favorite, Walt disney. Today, the company is now a global entertainment company. Although the global pandemic poses great challenges for the company, it has successfully weathered the pandemic. The introduction of Disney + as a streaming platform came at the right time about two years ago. It is now one of the main sources of revenue for the company, as it challenges Netflix as one of the best entertainment streaming platforms in the world.

Disney + has been a huge success for the company so far. So much so that he decided to celebrate his second birthday throughout the company. The company has revealed that its followers will also be able to enjoy the brand’s real-world celebrations. For example, Disney parks and resorts around the world will roll out the blue carpet for Disney + fans. On top of that, talent from Disney-owned channels including ESPN +, Hulu, ABC and many more will also be joining the celebration.

In addition, Disney has also partnered with Amazon.com (NASDAQ: AMZN) to launch an Alexa-powered voice assistant in Disney theme park hotels. This comes with a paid feature that allows guests to interact with Disney characters at home. The feature is slated to launch next year, and users will be able to interact with Disney characters with the “Hey, Disney!” Message. ” voice command. With what looks like an exciting time for the company, would you add DIS stocks to your portfolio?

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Electronic arts

Then we have the digital interactive entertainment company, Electronic arts (AE). Essentially, the company specializes in gaming content across a range of platforms. This includes game consoles, personal computers (PCs), mobile phones and tablets. Chances are you’ve heard of games like The Sims, Apex Legends, FIFA, and Star Wars. And these games are part of the company’s vast intellectual portfolio.

Last Monday, the company and AT&T‘s (NYSE: T) WarnerMedia has announced the completion of EA’s acquisition of Playdemic, Ltd. from Warner Bros. Game. Playdemic is a leading mobile game company known for its award-winning game Golf Clash. With over 80 million downloads worldwide to date, it is one of the leading mobile games in the US and UK. Therefore, this acquisition will further develop the company’s network of nearly half a billion players worldwide.

Additionally, EA and LEARFIELD today announced the return of LevelNext, kicking off the competition with EA SPORTS Madden NFL 22. It is a highly anticipated collegiate esports league that is rocking fans. fans. For those interested, registration is now open to students from over 2,500 schools across the country. With all of that in mind, would you consider EA’s stock to be the best entertainment stock to watch?

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Sony Group

Sony is a company dedicated to the development, design, production and sale of various electronic equipment, instruments and devices. Its products are used by consumers, professionals and even industrial markets such as gaming hardware and software, mobile phones and semiconductors. SONY stock has risen more than 10% over the past month.

The company has every intention of being one of the best entertainment networks in the world. A week ago, the company announced a merger with Indian Zee to form a television powerhouse in the country. The plan is to increase ad revenue while challenging its main rival Walt Disney in a key growth market in India. The proposed alliance will become India’s largest player, with a 27% market share surpassing that of Disney’s Star India at 24%.

The combined company would improve its digital platforms while improving its ability to bid for broadcast rights. In fact, an anonymous source who is a former Disney executive said this: “For the first time, there is a viable challenge for Disney (in India).”These are bold claims because Disney has been such a dominant presence in the country. Now do you think that would give SONY shares a boost?

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Last but not least, we will examine SCS. In retail, the media and entertainment company operates through three segments, TV Entertainment, Cable Networks and Filmed Entertainment. Some of its notable brands would include CBS, Showtime Networks, Paramount Pictures, Nickelodeon, BET, among others.

September has been an eventful month for CBS. For starters, the company launched BET Studios earlier this month. It’s supposed to be an unprecedented studio venture that offers equity stakes for black content creators. BET Studios will create premium TV series and movies for internal buyers such as Paramount +, SHOWTIME, CBS, Nickelodeon and some third party platforms.

Not to mention that a new combination of Paramount + and SHOWTIME bundles was also launched this month. The streaming bundle launches with a special introductory price for a limited time. With this, it gives CBS the opportunity to connect its roster of diverse and differentiated multi-genre content with even more consumers. After all, both platforms are showing tremendous growth and momentum. All things considered, would you have any VIAC stocks high on your watchlist?

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